ShadowDumpers 2.0

Welcome to Borovia
...or was it Bolivia?

Coming from three separate directions, our intrepid heroes arrive with difficulty in Borovia, where they meet and are met by some creepy characters: “Sam”, a gaunt fellow who carries a child on his back named Dorothy, and Hamelin, a bard of some sort. They inform the trio of a recent zombie plague in the nearby town – an infestation that will likely finish off the remaining townsfolk before the night is out.

A couple of undead hunters have already entered the town to help with fortifications, but “Sam” finds it unlikely that they will be able to solve the problem. Additionally, the source of this plague must be found and stopped or it will start all over again.

Introductions concluded, the group heads into town to see what’s what. They immediately encounter some undead, whom they easily defeat, but Martigan is wounded and contracts the zombie infestation. The adventurers must now proceed with caution, since if he dies, he will rise as a zombie. It’s possible one of the undead hunters holed up with the townsfolk will be able to cure the disease…but we’ll have to wait until the next session to find out!


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